188 Enforcement Actions in the U.S. over past 30 days

FINRA enforcements decreased 70% over the past 30 days
SEC issued enforcements: $289,563,885 over the past 30 days
161 Final Rules go into effect in the next 30 days

65 Mortgage Lending docs published in the last 7 days

1460 docs with 2637 extracted obligations from the last 7 days

new Proposed and Final Rules were published in the past 7 days


5953 new docs in pro.compliance.ai within the last 7 days

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Technical Requirements

Review these recommended technical requirements to get the best performance out the Compliance.ai platform when using the Pro, Team, Service Connector or Developer API editions.

For an optimal experience, we recommend clients use the latest stable releases of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Compliance.ai does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11); however, you may be able to use IE 11 with sub-optimal results (certain features may not work, performance will not be optimal).

Memory requirements:

Minimum of 8 GB of RAM, 1 GB available to browser

The amount of RAM available to the browser on your computer also has a significant impact on performance. With less available RAM, you can expect slower page load times and possible search/report result failures.

Network requirements:
  • Internet access to *.compliance.ai
  • Download speed of 3 Mbps or greater
  • Upload speed of .5 Mbps or greater (to attach documents)
  • Network latency of 150 ms or less
Hardware/Performance requirements:
  • Octane score of 30,000 or greater* (see below for details)

* Octane is a benchmark developed by Google that measures JavaScript performance. A higher Octane score correlates to faster page load times. Octane factors in your computer hardware and browser choice. Using newer-generation hardware with faster CPUs generates higher Octane scores.

You can determine your system configuration’s Octane score by running a free utility available on Github: https://chromium.github.io/octane/

Whitelisting all mandatory sites and ports:

This is the list of all sites and ports for client network whitelisting. Customers/partners should make sure that the following addresses and paths are included in your allowed restricted list, in order for Compliance.ai services to work properly. 

Sites Used for Required
https://*.compliance.ai/* Various Compliance.ai applications and services Y
https://cognito-idp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/* Identity Management (3rd party) Y
https://sessions.bugsnag.com/ Allows Compliance.ai to troubleshoot production issues and crashes more seamlessly N
https://salesiq.zoho.com/* Support Chat within the application N
https://salesiq.zohopublic.com/* Support Chat within the application N
https://acsbapp.com/apps/* Accessibility options N
https://files.complianceai.com/* SFTP/Web-dav file server used for integration with GRC systems N
https://complianceai.zohodesk.com/* Ticketing, incident and case management N
https://player.vimeo.com/* Training center videos N
https://calendly.com/* Scheduling sessions with Compliance.ai team N
https://www.google-analytics.com Usage analytics for non-credentialed users (Free, Basic Edition) N
https://mandrillapp.com/* Tracking/reporting of link activity within emails sent to users Y

Ports to be opened up: HTTPS 443, TLS 1.2 and above.